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Injection Molding

High functional plastic parts

In our modern equipped injection molding we produce in three shifts plastic parts for diverse industries and application fields. As your partner you will profit from our expertise regarding technical thermoplasts. We are happy to consult you in terms of picking the kind of plastic with the optimum conditions for your desired application.  


The plastic materials that we use convince with sliding, high impact and a lot of other characteristics, depending on industry and function. Therefore they get used in diverse industries from horticultural to furniture construction.

Mounting the assembly

The plastic parts that get produced in our factory can be assembled within our company. In our department for metal mounting we create assembly groups that are ready to install. Therefore we use different kinds of methods. We can for example injection-mold around inserts. This method is for instance  used for ball bearings. Moreover we are able to rivet or bolt iron parts. 


Don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to provide information which possibilities our facility offers to you. Our consultation can be based on your drawings or just on your idea. Your direct contact for injection molding and mounting the assembly is Opens window for sending emailMatthias Reimann.